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I firmly believe that continuously finding new meaning in all things is what life is about. I'm sure you can think of one time in your life where you deserved a do-over, a life mulligan so to speak.  Second chances, though, don’t happen just once in a lifetime. You might get an opportunity at new love, that job you really wanted but were passed over, a brand new career in a totally different industry, a chance to revamp your marriage, or turn your health around.

This blog is about second chances. It's about finding beautiful furniture, seeing the potential, and bringing that to life. We will talk about transforming quality, well loved pieces that have lived their lives as one thing, in one way but are set free into something more beautiful or even totally unexpected. I want you to ride with me as I take risks, raise questions, defeat doubts, overcome failures, and celebrate successes. 

You’ll see firsthand the ins and outs of choosing the right pieces, negotiating to get the best price, transforming the piece into something extraordinary, and then placing the piece in the perfect home. 

And as we do all of this, you'll see that this is also my second chance--to finally pursue my passion and fulfill my purpose.

Come join me!


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