Sad Singles to Matched Pair

I recently posted about flipping a chair I found at Goodwill into a totally new look for my computer station. This was a quick and easy turnaround mostly because I had the majority of materials already in my shop. My friend, Tammy, was inspired after reading the post and asked me if there was anything I could do for this pair of mismatched stools.

I’m always up for a challenge!

When we originally talked about the project, we both thought painting them the same color as my Goodwill chair would be the way to go. As we got closer to actually starting the project, though, she started questioning if the white would fit in her kitchen. Tammy lives in a beautiful older, historic looking home with one of those huge kitchen/dining room combination areas. (I so love those houses!) Beautiful wood floors, great architecture! The walls in the kitchen are painted a soft, light olive green and the bar area where the stools would sit was a light gray.

Painting the stools white would obviously work but why not step out and try something different? Thankfully, Tammy was willing to go for it, too!

This is the new, matched pair of stools that Tammy is proud to line up at her counter now:

So how did we go from the two sad single stools to the fantastic turnaround above?

Let’s walk through the steps.

Materials needed:

1) Stripper – I’ve been trying to use low VOC in my paints lately and found this new (to me) stripper that was low VOC as well. It bonds well to the surface and works quickly to remove paint…even two layers.

2) Stripper brush

3) Mineral wash

4) Cotton rags

5) Paint

6) Paint Sprayer

7) Stain

8) Polyurethane – you can use either poly in a can that needs to be brushed on or poly in a spray can which is what I used this time


1) The reason I wanted to strip the top and bottom of these stools was because Tammy’s kitchen table has 4 regular chairs that are very similar to these stools, even though they weren’t purchased at the same time. I wanted to bring the two areas together in some way without being too matchy matchy. Her table chairs are a beautiful stained pecan color as seen below.

2) Both the chairs and stools had the same type of rush seating also.