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Second Chance at Life, Love and Refurbished Furniture

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

We all deserve a life mulligan, a second chance if you will, to find what our life purpose is and gift that back to others around us. As Pablo Picasso once said, “The meaning of life is to find your gift; the purpose of life is to give it away.”

First post on a brand new website about what? Refurbished furniture. Sigh. There are many of us out there, and it would be so easy to say there are TOO many for one more in the mix. That is definitely a self-limiting belief that I struggle with daily. What is a self limiting belief? In a nutshell, it is self negative talk that keeps you from believing in yourself and stops you from achieving all you can be in this life. And I’m doing this to myself! I mean, seriously, we don’t get enough of this from people around us?

But I digress. Going back to the idea that there are way too many people doing the refurbishing stuff. There are. A lot. But I also think that each of us has a different viewpoint, a specific perspective that reaches a certain demographic. Maybe just a way or technique or a material that is new or different. There is some overlap, of course, but the passions of each of us reach a certain reader each time we post, and those readers can change each time we do.

Take me for instance. I’m old. When I’m writing, though, I’m imagining someone like me—someone creeping up on retirement age but still not ready to pack it in. I see you! You can be the life of the party but you also treasure your alone time; you love your friends and family, spending as much time with them as possible, but you also take time for you. You’re funny, sarcastic, sometimes this side of unconventional. And you’re not done living this wonderful, crazy, roller coaster life. We’re alike, you and I.

And I want to show you me through my art: making beautiful, sometimes crazy, reimagined things from the ordinary pieces of furniture around us. This is a passion that has been in me since I was a teenager, but I’m just now getting around to doing something about it. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve lived a great life so far: did a lot of crazy things, had a few sane moments, raised some pretty amazing boys, loved, laughed, lived. But never truly felt fulfilled.

Except…except when I see a piece of furniture that could BE so much more. Or when I walk into a room and begin imagining how it could look if I did this or that. I live for weekends when I can roam flea markets and large, outdoor antique fairs to find those perfect pieces to transform into something entirely new. This is what makes my heart sing, and if I could only do this the rest of my life, it would satisfy my soul.

So what took me so long to do something about the passion in my heart? What, you ask, was the final push over the edge? Mostly just because I’m old. But I still have a yearning to do what I should have done back when I was younger, my purpose in life–MY second chance if you will.

But the second biggest reason? All the other women I see on reality shows like Project Runway, Chopped, shows on HGTV, DIY Network who took the leap and started doing what they have always wanted to do with their lives. They left corporate jobs to start designing, or cooking, or renovating houses. They’re old like me, but they believed in themselves and believed in their purpose. They may not be making the money they were making working in sales or IT or communications, but they look happy and excited about the rest of their lives. I want to be like them. To be able to look back in 10 or 15 years and not regret taking a second chance on me. My chance at the life I truly want.

So this is my leap. I believe I have something to say, and I believe there are people out there who want to hear me and see what I can do. Maybe I can inspire one more old lady to do the same, give herself that second chance to follow her passion too!


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