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Working With an MDF Item

Second step in giving an outdated table a fresh new look

In a previous video, I started the process of turning an older table with a laminated top into an entirely different looking dining table. In that video, we looked at how to remove the laminate from the top of the table and found, unfortunately, that MDF was underneath. My luck.

Working with older furniture, though, is sometimes a good surprise and sometimes not so good. This is when you "Pivot! Pivot! Piiivvot!!"

(A little "Friends" reference for you there. 😉 That still makes me laugh).

This second process in this table transformation describes how I decided to work with this unplanned situation.

I am close to finishing this project and am so excited to show you the final result. Look for my next video soon on a super cool process I'll be doing to finish up the transformation!


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