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Removing Laminate From a Table Top

We have all seen tables and other pieces of furniture with laminate glued on the top, sides, and every where else. Maybe you or your mother or other family members have one in their kitchen right now.

Laminate used on table and desk tops is durable and protects against chips and scratches. It is a good alternative to the gold standard, wood, when sharp tools or utensils are used often. And, while real wood is the premium for furniture, it is much less expensive to use a pressed wood filler like MDF and cover it with a (usually) nice laminate.

In this video post, I will walk you through how to remove laminate from a table top as the first step in transforming a heavily polyed, laminated table into something beautiful.

I would be interested to hear your thoughts on the process or any other questions you may have.


Video production by Wilson Media Platforms


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